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4880 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA, 30068
Not a Retail Location

Atlanta ID offers Gifts & Awards to Inspire & Entertain. And sometimes, we like to add a little humor. Our gifts & awards for sports such as triathlon, cycling, golf & tennis and interests such as wine, friendships, weddings and events are intended to inspire kindness and laughter. Custom engraving available.



Gift Collection

The past is history, the future is a mystery. But today is a gift...
that’s why they call it the present. So cherish every minute of it.
— Elvis Stojko

- All designs are available on all stock products. Just ask if you don't see the design/product/color you would like. - 

Traveling Wine Bags

Traveling Coozies

12 oz Tumblers

20 oz Tumblers

30 oz Tumbler


Race/Finish Line Photo & Wall Decor


Custom Engraving


Awards and Gifts are Heartfelt

At Atlanta ID, our mission is to provide people with recognition and appreciation through products that inspire them to excel, to set new, even more extra-ordinary goals and to provide motivation to reach them. This may be with a quote, image or a particular item. 

It is based on our understanding that reaching a goal is an empowering and inspirational event in our life.  Sometimes, the best sound we hear is the sound of our own name being recognized for something we have accomplished. 

So, remember that thing you've always wanted to do?  Maybe, it's time.